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Music Feeds Podcast Episode #104: Incubus

Soundwave 2015 co-headliners Incubus are currently stowed away at home, working hard on what will be the Californian band’s eighth LP. Frontman Brandon Boyd kindly took time to step away from writing and talk to Music Feeds’ Mike Hohnen about the new material.

Although Boyd admitted that Incubus are only in the infancy of their latest album, things are progressing at a strong pace. “I don’t why I’m surprised by how fast things are moving,” said Boyd, “We’ve actually always worked really quickly.”

Incubus might be old hands in the studio, having been together for over 20 years, but the as-yet-untitled album is proving a new and refreshing challenge for the veteran group, who are currently without a record label.

“You know it’s an interesting time. It’s always an interesting time,” laughed Boyd, “In regards to this new thing that we’re making, we are an unsigned, unmanaged, unleashed [band]. So there’s sort of full circle effect that has taken place.”

“It’s all on us now. There’s no record label. There’s no management. There’s no publisher.”

Yet by the sounds of it, it won’t all solely fall on the band’s shoulders. Though Boyd admitted nothing at this stage is concrete, he revealed he wouldn’t be surprised should some collaborators find their way onto the record.

“We’ve been talking about some collaborations and [guitarist] Mikey’s (Einziger) definitely is good like that,” explained Boyd. “He knows lots of people in and around the industry, both established artists and unknown artists. So I would not be surprised if there were, for kind of the first time, some collaborations taking place on this record.”

Not wanting to speculate on an album title or release date, as Incubus is still in “that phase of letting everything spill out”, Boyd did, however, reveal that Incubus will showcase some of their new material at Soundwave 2015.

“That’s the plan,” confirmed Boyd. “And we’re pretty good about making a plan and following through with it.”


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Exclusive: Incubus working on“wild” new album

Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd has told FL that the band are hard at work on a “wild” new record, their first since 2011’s If Not Now, When?

“It’s going really well, we’re still in what I guess you could call the writing process, and we just started about three weeks ago,” Boyd told FL’s David Swan in an interview this morning. “It’s amazing so far – we set up a studio and we’ve got everything sounding good. We just hit record and record all the ideas, and there’s tons of music coming out, it’s very wild some of it. It’s like there was stuff there waiting in the pipeline or something. Actually we were commenting just now on how our brains feel delightfully overloaded with ideas. So we’re just kind of sifting and jamming and cheerleading and doing all this stuff, it’s a really fun part of the process, the writing.”

Following a mild reception to Incubus’ last record Boyd also revealed that the band have decided to go it alone this time around – releasing their eighth studio album without a label or manager, as well as producing it themselves.”We’re about as back to square one as you could possibly be, especially for a band like us that has been around for this long and toured the world and stuff like that,” he explained. “So it’s exciting for us to be back in the woods again, and I think that the music that’s coming out is indicative of that excitement. It feels like a reboot, and everybody’s really ripe with ideas. It’s the first time we’ve gotten in a room together to collaborate for years”.

While the band are currently fleshing out songs in the studio, Boyd says they will start recording proper in the next couple of weeksand hope to showcase their new material to Australian fans when they return as part of the Soundwave lineup in 2015. “We have so much material, we’re just going to start carving away at it and recording bits. Our hope is to have some material available to steal before we actually come to Australia, so when we perform new songs down there and trying them out, they won’t be totally unfamiliar to people. There’s a lot of work to do. But it’s what we do.”

The full interview with Incubus’ Brandon Boyd – in which he discusses his solo work, why his Jesus Christ Superstar musical was canned and who he is looking forward to playing with at Soundwave 2015 – will be published on FL next week.


This is the last thing a tasty sandwich sees before it moves on to the great beyond. #sorrynotsorry


This is the last thing a tasty sandwich sees before it moves on to the great beyond. #sorrynotsorry